Love and War in the JCC.

Yesterday in the JCC is already on fire. First Mahinddin Pashal was declared a traitor by Jabal Shammar, who also asked to all the governments to deny him shelter. Nejd declared they executed Pashal in the city of Riyadh, but that was just fake news. That’s why Jabal declared war on Nejd and move troops to their territory. Nejd try to make an alliance with Hejaz but that was just not possible. The ones who they agreed on having alliance with were the British, together the move on Damascus the operation city center of the Ottomans in Syria. France added also to this operation and the three of them took Damascus. Nevertheless, the French declared the town hall their territory, which produced tension with the Nejd and British. But not everything is winning, Nejd lost a part of their territory to Jabal Shammar. Another unfortunate event for the Nejd. The Prince Turki passed away, he chocked while eating. He will be missed. His second son Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been announced as the new Crown Prince. Talking about announcements, Sheikh Habibi Aditi Al-Idrisi is the new Emir of Yemen, which receive the best wishes from the Saudi Government.


Today Nejd was witness of the union of Faisal Al-Dumaish and a beautiful woman from the Jabal Shammar. Plot twist, there was a mass suicide from Nejd in Jabal Shammar. How is going to turn out, you must read mornings article and find out. There will be a unification? They will continue in war? Another death or wedding? Who is going to have the power? No one knows how is this Crisis is going to continue, will see tomorrow how to the delegates imagination.


A Dynamic Crisis …

No motions or points to learn, take a character roll, make alliances during the sessions by speaking with another delegate, among others are just some of the differences Joint Cabinet Crisis has in comparison to other committees. Some might think that will make it easy to handle, but it isn’t. First JCC is divided in three Cabinets and one Backroom. Each delegate has access to a Crisis Portal in which they send messages to the backroom asking for spies, army movements, assassinations, weddings or alliances. Crisis has no limits; delegates are free to make alliances or betray some others. Multitasking is a must in Crisis, while every delegate send directives to de Backroom with their own interests, they simultaneously discuss in their cabinets and trying to reach their collective objectives. Strategical thinking is another quality that every crisis delegate should have. Opposite to other committee the delegates don’t have to make clear in which position they are, they could say something in the cabinet but send the opposite to the Backroom. But, what is the Backroom? the place where all they spice up the Crisis. They receive directives of the delegates are analysed and work on, which they if there are accepted or declined. They should be very careful and be coordinated with the three cabinets, not an easy job. Crisis is indeed a distinct committee but I if you like have experience in MUN, I will highly recommend you to give it a try.


Exactly a century ago Saudi Arabia was dealing with a long and tedious unification process, which had as primary actors Emirate of Nejd, Emirate of Jabal Shammar and Kingdom of Hejaz. The Joint Cabinet Crisis is handling right now this topic. JCC is very dynamic, in just one session there where pirates, marriage, Friday prayers and battles. One important issue today were the Wahhabis or infidels as Jabal Shammar calls them, and their will to win more power after they lost an important troop. Another, a bit nicer, was the marriage between Amir of Jabal Shammar and Princess Fatima bint Hussein, which took place in the Holy city of Mecca. Almost at the end the Battle of Riyadh was triggered but luckily the House of Saud took back the control over the city. What will happen next and how this situation is going to come out is a questioning more than one of us have.