United Power at UNFCCC!

The UNFCCC is very happy to announce that the vote for draft resolution 1.3 on the topic of Climate Change Education has passed. The delegations of the UNFCCC, which were kind of departed in two camps earlier, have worked really hard on a compromise that is accepted by all delegations. During a really productive unmoderated caucus they united their power and created a draft solution that combines both earlier introduced ones.

The final resolution encourages the further development of existing education methods and the education on preventative and reactive actions and calls upon states to adopt culturally-sensitive education methods. It also recommends to increase the awareness of climate change and its impacts using different communication channels as well as social media and furthermore emphasises the use of funding. It was very inspiring to see, that in the end all delegation focused on finding a compromise in order to frame a resolution that is considering and respecting multilateral demands. All delegations – except of the United States of America – voted for the draft resolution in a vote by roll call – special thanks to the delegation of Uzbekistan.

Looks like all the hard work, the discussions, caucuses and points of anything have provided a common consensus, which often does not happen in other committees. Also, it is to be emphasised that all delegates have improved during the sessions, improved themselves to stand up, speak up and be the change!


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