UNFCCC getting down to business!

The delegates of the UNFCCC have finally come down to business – THANK GOD.

Felt like they took the saying “the way is the goal” slightly too seriously, but there is still hope that they will eventually get over the education topic and come to the one that is possibly the more “urgent” one as Small Island Developing States are already facing the impacts of climate change in their everyday life.

There are two draft resolutions provided, that still have to pass the undeviating eyes of the committee, but anyways they will hopefully lead the delegations to a common resolution that everybody seconds.

The main substances of the two submitted draft resolutions are:

The first one, sponsored by Canada, Korea, Maldives, Russian Federation and Spain, mainly promotes the creation of a global pool of research and knowledge program compiled by climate change experts, scientists and sociologists from every member state. It also emphasises the concept of equal participation on an eye-level concerning the issue of knowledge distribution.

Draft resolution two, sponsored by Chile, France, Germany, Iraq, Lithuania, New Zealand, Switzerland, “recommends the creation of a committee composed of impartial global research to overview and supervise the authorisation for funding from the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) for individuals and Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) due to their contribution to climate change education to support regional actors”. Also, it points out the approach of encouraging governments to include climate change as a mandatory topic to schools and universities.

During the sessions and breaks as well as at the legendary delegate ball where delegates were still discussing instead of dancing their asses off, it became quite clear, that everybody just wants to find a common consensus which will hopefully happen, ASAP!




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