Uncertainty in UNSC…

What I love about this committee is that its small and cozy. They don’t have a million different opinions. Maybe one delegate stands out, but at least they can get on the same page, or not…? I’m just kidding, this committee fell into a deep, uh, pile of mess. While trying to solve the situation in Yemen, which got even more complicated because of the issues that happened in  real life Yemen since Friday night, the delegates spent their long Saturday of unmoderated caucuses not agreeing on anything. They debated every single small point but got nowhere. They were still working on the working paper. Honestly, why try? The current events caused chaos to this council and no one had a clue on what to do.

Except the delegate of China. He was happy. He thought it was helping the debate. The delegate of China was actually pretty active. Delegates believe he is trying to be a dictator. Calm it, china! He accused the delegates of USA, UK, France and Japan of having a big plan of a military intervention. Cool. Rumours were getting around about a possible Bromance between the delegates of the UK and France. Care to confirm? The delegates have worked on two working papers and there is a chance to merge them in their next session. On the upside is that one of them is short and should get the council to close the topic. Unless China vetoes again.


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