Success in the IAEA!

After some hard negotiations, the delegates of IAEA tried to find a compromise and merged different working papers so that the draft resolution 1.3 could be introduced to the house yesterday. The sponsors of the Resolution (Denmark, Germany, Philippines, Turkey, The United Kingdom, United States of America, and Ghana) saw it necessary  to promote higher nuclear security standards in different member states. The delegate of Turkey welcomed the establishment of a policy team, with different subsections located all over the world, which shall respond to any nuclear incidents. Russia supported Turkey´s position and was glad to realise that a compromise had been reached. During this morning´s debate Germany emphasised the close cooperation between Germany and Russia, while negotiating about the draft resolution. In the end no delegations wished to speak against the draft resolution. Before voting procedure an unmoderated caucus “Applying Band-Aid to the draft resolution” was introduced by the chairs, since some formatting was required. The voting process was subject to several motions, starting with a motion to vote clause by clause, brought forward by the delegate of the United Kingdom. Afterwards a motion to adopt the resolution by acclamation followed. Then Great Britain brought forward a further motion for a vote by roll call. In the end the delegates had to vote clause by clause, followed by the roll call vote. All clauses passed a number of them unanimously. In the end with 29 votes in favour and two against the resolution passed.


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