Quality of Evidence Classified Differently…

During yesterday afternoon´s session of the International Court of Justice the judges had to decide about the evidence presented by the applicant’s advocates concerning the case of Croatia against Serbia. The evidence was rated quite differently by the judges. It ranged from dismissing some evidence up to a rating as high level evidence. One piece of evidence was dismissed, because it was part of a study guide from another Model United Nations. Furthermore the judges had to dismiss a document, since it was related to the Bosnian-Croatian conflict. Also a further piece of evidence could not convince the judges, due to the fact that it was written in Serbian language, which meant the judges were unable to understand it. Furthermore another piece was dismissed, since it was a statement of law and therefore it was impossible to weigh it like other evidence. Nevertheless the advocates also presented some evidence, which was rated as high by the judges. First of all a report by Amnesty International was classified as high-level evidence, due to the details mentioned in it and since the NGO is considered as being a reliable source. Last but not least a Security Council resolution was classified as high quality evidence.


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