“Its Getting Bloody” in HRC But There is a Happy Ending!

After working on the resolutions and positions and statements being changed – not ignoring the fact that the sponsors didn’t get back to the signatories on any changes – the delegates grew impatient. Fire broke in the Human Rights Council. Delegates started to feel like the discussion was starting to go in another direction and becoming unprofessional. Tunisia got personal; “Delegates, why did you forget Tunisia?” During the unprofessional discussions and debate on the different resolutions; may I be clear that they should be different, accusations of plagiarism arose. Motions on moderated caucuses regarded the subject of copy-right were requested, especially by the delegate of china in which a chair found it interesting that its coming from china. After discussions in Unmods and the helpful refuel of coffee, delegates tried to reach peace between each other and reestablish the first Resolution with an addition of a new amendment that is about internet or something. I was personally lost because at first i thought they weren’t serious on the topic and it was brought randomly. But the amendment wasn’t agreed upon which brought the while thing back to square one, ugh. After a while, a resolution was formed and there was finally, yes FINALLY, a vote on the resolution to the topic, which I ran to with every breath I had and burning every last drop of coffee in my system. Thankfully the voting succeeded with the majority voting ‘for’ every clause. Funny was that the votes wouldn’t add up to the number of the delegates present. The poor chairs had to count again and again. They actually checked attendance and did a head count. The troll must really be happy! Thankfully though, he/she ended up voting in the last vote regarding the whole resolution, and finally the case is closed! Congratulations delegates!


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